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Minds @ Work 2 Meet the Authors

We would like to introduce the 25 selected writers of Minds@Work 2 

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Aman Jakhar is a final year student of B.Tech in Computer Science He is a passionate reader and a book reviewer. He founded a literary website Read In Park, to fill the gap between writers and readers in 2012. He is a struggling writer and is trying to mark his presence in crowd of thousands of authors. He likes to pen down what happens around his life. He is a prolific blogger @ .

Anjali Khurana is a published author with Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd in their latest anthology called Love Stories That Touched My Heart as a co-author. She comes from a place called Faridkot which is close to the Indo Pak border in Punjab. She speaks fluent Punjabi and loves to explore Sufism online. At present, she works with a media firm in Mumbai. Her core responsibilities include celebrity marketing, content acquisition, syndication & digitization along with ghost writing TV serials in her free time. She also manages Mumbai Freecycle ™, a nonprofit movement aimed at encouraging the art of giving to strangers. 

 Lt Col Ankita Srivastava a courageous, bold, hardworking and dedicated lady who by her strong sense of discipline has always challenged her potential and have set varied targets for herself. She served the nation as an able Army Officer displaying her strength and stamina and hung the uniform after eventful innings of full fourteen years to don the civvies while again serving the nation through the banker to every Indian- the State bank of India. She gives wings to her mental passions by constantly penning down her over-exuberant heart; be it in the form of a novel, short story , ghazals or poetry. She has a grip on expression of depth and knows how to play the game of ‘words’. Poems have been her first love. Two decades back she had composed 40 poems out of which one had made a proud place in American Poetry Anthology. Some were published in ‘Sarita’, ‘kadambini’, ‘Manorama’, ‘Grihashobha’ ,’Jetset’ and many english local newspapers of Allahabad. Almost all her poems were broadcasted on AIR in the youth programme ‘Uvvanai’. She believes every beating heart is a poet- a dormant poet; only initiatives like Minds at Work 2 can turn them into active volcanic poets.

 Barkha Parikh is an I.T. engineer and also a Computer teacher from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is an avid reader.. She writes for a Cause and Not for an Applause and the cause is – “To touch many hearts and Enlighten many souls.” She believes in “Live in Present because Present means a Gift.” Her only mantra in life is – “I romance words, I write.”  she blogs at

“Ila Garg is a girl next door, born in Jaipur, currently residing in Delhi. She has completed her graduation in English Literature and pursuing Masters in English & Communication Studies at present. She loves writing. She has a flair for words. It is a passion; a compulsion; something that gives her an avenue to express herself. She writes when she is happy; when she is angry or when an issue touches her heart. She resorts to writing when she is restless or when she is on the verge of breaking down. Creativity and writing has always been attracting her. Apart from being an avid reader, writer, reviewer, and editor, she is an active blogger too. She blogs at, where you can find some of her articles, poetry, random thoughts, interviews, movie and book reviews. Her debut novel, titled, ‘Life and Promises’ is to be released on 1st Jan’14 and her next novel, titled, ‘Cheer up! The worst is yet to come’ is slated to be released soon after. One of her short stories is a part of an anthology, ‘A Night in Paradise’. She can be contacted at: Email - .  

Janaki Nagaraj is a graduate in English Literature yet, she did not discover her passion for writing till a couple of years back. More than writing a prose, she found it easier to express herself through poetry. She is a full time homemaker and mother of two teens (that should say a lot about her patience) and lives in Mumbai. She blogs at 

Lovita J R Morang is a remarkably talented and multifaceted personality with interests in poetry, arts, films, media and TV. A graduate of Guwahati University, she did a short-term course on film appreciation from FTII, Pune, and has a post-graduate Diploma in Mass Communication from IGNOU. Lovita published a book of poems Storms in my Heart, 1996, and served as a Journalist for a year in the English Newspaper, The North-East Observer in 1997. Presently, she freelances, contributes Write-ups andpoems for Assam Tribune English Daily. She has been a professional filmaker,artist,poet. She started filmaking early at the age of Twenty. And have made more than Twenty Documentaries, travelogue, tele-films. And her film titled" Virgin Rhododendron burnt alive" is recorded as the FIRST FILM on Climate Indicator Wildflower Rhododendron. She has pioneered the Fashion Industry in NE-India since 1993. She has acted in a number of movies and TV serials. She was the lead artiste in the Assamese feature film ‘Morome Morom jane’ and acted in ‘Asene Kunubai Hiyat.’ She acted as a princess in a docu-drama on massacre of Royal dynasty of Nepal produced by BBC Channel, London directed by Clive, 2005.Casted as Protogonist for Sandhiya Sundaram's short celluloid Cinema-DOREMIFA,and -n the absence of presence by Dominique produced by FTII,Pune and Satyajit Ray Film Institute,Kolkatta. Among many TV serials, she acted in 13-episode serial directed by national Award winner, Gautam Bora. Lovita has produced and directed docu-film ‘Boon By the Bond’ on International relations through trade for PPC, Prasar Bharati, Doordarshan, 2008. She produced, directed and scripted ‘The First Man-Jimchane,’ a folktale of Mishimi Tribe for Prasar Bharati, Doordarshan, Itanagar, 2008. She also produced, directed and scripted docu-film on social tourism "Swarga Sa Sundar Ek Safar", 2006. Similarly, she has been involved with several other creative projects in the film and TV industry. She has many an anthology on poetries published worldwide with eminent poet of the world. Her aim is to dedicate herself in creating & communicating humanitarian messages through print and visual media.     

Meghant Parmar hailing from New Delhi is a born car & gadget fanatic. His love for books blossomed when he first came across Tinkle & Champak magazines. Later on reading fiction became a forte and he is one of the fastest readers present around. He did his English Honors and now is looking for an opportunity to make a name for himself in writing industry. He is an upcoming book reviewer with a blog only dedicated to book reviews. His penchant for reading, writing and observing the surroundings comes naturally. He’ll be making his debut in the literary world with a short story co-authored with Heena Ahuja in “Uff Ye Emotions-2”. When he is not writing and reading you can find him exploring historical places and following cricket religiously. He currently resides in Chennai. You can contact him at 

 Neelam Saxena Chandra is an engineer by profession (working in Indian Railways as Director (IT)). Writing poetry and fiction is her passion. More than four hundred of her stories/poems have been published in various leading Indian magazines such as Woman’s Era, Alive, Sarita, Grihshobha, Grihlaxmi, Naya Gyanodaya, Kathakram, Vanita, Nandan, Champak, Chandamama, Reader’s Forum, Suman Saurabh etc as well as international journals such as Torrid Literary journal, The Camel Saloon, Inspiration magazine, Ruminations journal, Tongue Journal, The Criterion, E-fiction, Enchanting Verses, Frog croon, Saraba, Ewoman etc. Four of her children's story books have also been published by Room to Read, Naman, Sadhna and Sahni Publications. One novel has been published by LiFi Publications and one by PAGETURN PUBLISHERS. Two Poetry books have been published - HUES OF LOVE by Writers Empire and SILHOUETTES OF REFLECTIONS by YS Books International . Ten more books are under publication including one novel by LIFI Publications, One novel by Authorspress, One short story collection in English by LiFi, Four Picture books by Rajkamal Publications, one poetry collection by AUTHORSPRESS and one short story collection in Hindi and one in English by by Omji Publishers .. Her poems/stories have been published in various international anthologies such as ON THE BRINK (By Spectacle Publishing), HEALING WAVES (By Skywarrior Publications), PHO FOR LIFE, SAARC ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY 2011, VAANI, Chicken soup , Anthology by British Council on Rabindranath Tagore, In your own words and In Priase-In memory-In Ink (Brian Wixon anthologies) etc . She has won second prize in a competition organized by Pratham Books (Chuskit competition). One of her story has won an award in a contest organized by Children Book Trust, India in 2009. She has also been awarded second prize by Gulzarji in a Poetry Contest organized by American Society on the topic 'Poetry for Social Change'. Her book TALES FROM SUNDERVAN has been listed in the long list in children's category in the ECONOMIST CROSSWORD BOOK AWARD. The book SUNDERVAN KI KAHANIYAN has been awarded Premchand Puraskar by Ministry of Railways (II prize). Neelam also debuted as a lyricist in Shankar Tucker's composition MERE SAJAN SUN SUN at the link and the song has won the POPULAR CHOICE AWARD in Folk Fusion category. in RADIO CITY FREEDOM AWARD. 

Nehali Lalwani, born an brought up in Nadiad, Gujarat.She has done Masters in Human Resource Management from Sardar Patel University. Currently she is working as an Assistant professor at N.S Patel Arts College, Anand. She is sociable, playful and enthusiastic by nature. She loves writing. She believes it is zeal; an urge; something that gives her an opportunity to express herself. She writes when she is happy; when she is furious or when any issue strokes her heart. The theme of Love finds a new definition in her stories. Her philosophy of life says that love though unfulfilled it never dies. She has good collection of poems and short stories on different emotional genres. Recently her short story got published in Kaleidoscope by Parlance Publishers along with that recently her 2 poems got published in Moods and moments- Poetry book by Writers Empire, She has also worked in an anthology Syahi as an Writer and Co Editor. Besides all she loves to read love stories and listening Music in her spare time. 

Nikhil Chandwani is a published poet, author and a script writer. He is currently working for Mystic Wanderer Production House as a lead script writer for international travel show and Hollywood Movies. He has bagged 
1. United Kingdom Forum Award for excellence in poetry (One of the biggest award in poetry) 
2. Tamil Nadu State Award. 
3. Om Press Award The show Nikhil is writing will be telecasted on Discovery Channel from Jan 2015 onwards. His Published work includes 
1) Two poetry books: Ink'd With Love and Unsung Word 
2) Fiction: I wrote your name in the sky 
3) Script Writer, Mystic Wanderer Production House/Discovery Channel (present) 
4) Director/Story Writer at UCN News Channel. (2012-2013) 
5) Presently publishing Unsung Words, the official biography of Major Dhyan Chand narrated by 1975 Worldcup winning Hockey legends. 
6) Ex Chief Editor at Penumbra Magazine. 
 7) Guest Columnist at Lokmat Times and Stimulus India Magazine. 
8) Guest Fiction Writer at Underground Voices magazine and E-Fiction India. 
9) Anthologies: Taj Mahal Review. 

Prateek Singh, An engineering graduate from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh currently working in a Noida based e-learning Company, respire some fresh air being a poet, an avid blogger and an enormous Nature lover. He is the man with limitless imaginations, fanciest dreams, musing mind, sentimentalist heart, peace loving soul. He loves to be lost in rhythms. He loves to get along with words. He firmly believes that relationships go a long way if we put our true heart within them. He possesses transcendental approach towards life. He value things that are kept aside often and lot more of me yet to come if you want to know. He loves to Interact with different kind of people, Singing, Penning Indulging himself into WORDS.

 Dr "Rajdeep Kosode started writing since when he was 6. Writing poetry has always been his passion, though recently he has shifted his focus on prose. One of his short stories has been long-listed at a national level short story competition. He loves exploring most storytelling art forms, especially world-movies and graphic novels. He is a medical doctor, currently pursuing his post-graduation in Pharmacology research at New York. His interests include movies, travel and adventure sports. He is currently working on a fantasy series of his own." 

 Renu Sethi A homemaker, mother, blogger and an amateur writer/poet, who pens her observations, weird yet intriguing lives of real people with real problems. Renu is an avid reader and has written for publications including a Penguin anthology and an e-magazine named Storizen. She blogs at about Love and Relationships. When she is not writing, she plays her role of a doting mother, wife and daughter to the hilt. 

Rohan Kachalia A Sagittarian by nature and hence hopelessly romantic by heart (termed by his wife) which he begs to differ, a banker by vocation, a blogger by leisure pursuit and an aspiring writer. Have been taken to reading and blogging since last one year and reading and writing romance seems to be his forte, along with poems, haiku and erotica. His only dream is to see himself as a successful author and 'Minds @Work 2' is the stepping stone for his dream to come true. He blogs jointly with his wife at: His mantra for life is : Cheers, Keep Smiling & Embrace Love. Sadia Khan Strong believer in the religion of Romanticism, 

Sadia Khan, calls herself a true Bohemian by her pretty little heart. Dreamer as she evidently is, she fondly shaped her dreams into words and rhymes. A poet, a short story writer, Who loves to pen down the thoughts and the problems one usually gets while into a relationship. Also working as a relationship counselor at an online counseling organization—Wizpert, talking with the clients from all overthe world to help them resolve their personal issues and create even more love and indulgence in their depressed lives. An avid blogger, too, who has already published more than hundred Poems and a few number of relationship oriented articles and short stories on her blog, Crescendoing Silence ( Presently she is working on her two books- one of her own, and another with a co-writer. 

Sandhita Agarwal is a quiet ambivert who enjoys long walks in the woods alone and admiring nature. When not watching a horror movie she loves spending her time studying the human behavior and its delicate intricacies. You can reach her at 

 Sanhita Baruah Recognized for her contribution in "Uff Ye Emotions", an anthology of love stories, and “Kaleidoscope”, a multi-genre anthology, Sanhita Baruah, born in the beautiful and diverse state of Assam, is a Software Engineer by profession. She also runs a blog titled “Pens and Pages” at and many of her articles and poems have been published in National and International Journals and Magazines 

 Shalini Katyal Born and brought up in Delhi, Shalini is pursuing her Masters in English from IGNOU and also learning French since the past year and a half.Shalini sees beauty from all walks of life and seeks inspiration from all of God’s creations. She has a deep inclination towards philosophy and poetry. An avid reader, she loves absorbing romance which also happens to be her favourite genre apart from pondering over philosophy. Apart from being an avid reader she is also a part anthologies like Uff Yeh Emotions 2 by General Press, and U me and Zindagi by Omji Publication Being a lover of music, she believes that there is nothing like a good song to impress her. She can be reached at 

 Shweta kesari is a 2nd year engineering student.She is an avid reader and loves to spend time with books.She found immense pleasure in writing after reading so many books.For her,the best way to share her feelings and emotions is to pen down whatever strikes her heart.She has keen interest in music and stories. 

Soham Majumdar Originally from Kolkata, currently residing and working in Delhi. His father is a retired medical representative.Soham has an elder sister who is a professional painter, now residing in the USA. She is married. Presently he is working as a Director, Content and Strategy Development, with Value 360 Communications. Prior to joining Value 360 communications he has worked with a few MNC PR firms like Weber Shandwick, Text 100 Global Public Relations, Perfect Relations and Genesis Burson Marsteller handling the corporate mandates for HP, EMC, Cisco, Bharti Walmart etc. In all, he has around 6 years of experience in the PR industry. He loves to travel, prepare new cuisine and write blogs, poems, articles ET all. Soham completed his education from Hans Raj College, Delhi University. He always had a knack for creativity, content writing and generating ideas and that is what he does now, for a living. He is a friendly, simple and down-to-earth person who draws happiness from simple things in life. 

 Surbhi Thukral is a marketing professional turned writer. She has worked with corporations in India and the UK. After gaining success in business writing, she is determined to make a mark in the field of fiction writing. She has become a compulsive writer who dedicates many hours a day to fulfil her passion for creative writing. She holds Masters in Business & Management from the University of Strathclyde, UK. She can be reached at Her work has been published in the Harvests of New Millennium, January 2012; EWR: Short Stories, March 2012; Taj Mahal Review, June 2012; A World Rediscovered (An Anthology of Contemporary Verse), September 2012; Taj Mahal Review, December 2012; Harvests of New Millennium, January 2013; eFiction India, April 2013; eFiction India, June 2013; Taj Mahal Review, June 2013; eFiction India, July 2013; eFiction India, August 2013, eFiction India, October 2013, The Indian Trumpet (November-December 2013) and eFiction India, November 2013. 

 Vijayeta Tirkey Kataria hails from Assam and currently settled in Hyderabad. She has completed her Post graduation in Human Resource and has 6 years of experience in HR Spanning. In her leisure time she loves to compose poems, dance and cook different cuisines. Her poems have been published in newspapers, International Journal and books. She believes in living and enjoying each and every moment as there is only one life to live. 

Waseem A Malla is a poet from Srinagar (Kashmir) , northern part of India. He has made attempts with different genres of poetry in English, Urdu and Kashmiri. His poetry is generally romantic in nature, though superficially, but within a deeper perspective, his poems depict a thrust on mystical elements, with a representation of Asian philosophy. His poetry has been deeply influenced by the contemporary Urdu poetry and this thing can be well established by reading most of his poems. His writings are mostly influenced by Agha Shahid Ali, Ahmad Faraaz, Parveen Shakir and Mewlana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi. At present, he is working as the Managing Editor of a quarterly eMagazine ‘Fragrance’ ( . His poems have been published in a no. of anthologies, of which ‘Fiesta of Love’, ‘Moods & Moments’, The Art Of Being Human vol.6 and ‘Aatish’ (coming soon) require a special mention. One of his poems is part of a novel 'Intelligence Code' Part 1. 

 Yaseen Anwer is the Founder and Managing Editor of poetry group “Poets Corner Group”. He is widely published poet and has contributed for more than 70 national and international anthologies. Coming up with the innovative idea of publishing young aspiring poets with eminent personalities, this brainchild of his, has over 4000 members across the world and over 11 printed anthologies where the works of several amateurs have been published. Yaseen writes in Hindi and English and the group promotes poetry in both languages. He also has had the honour of having his words translated to other languages like Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, etc.Born in Patna in a middle class household with his father working as a doctor and mother as a homemaker, He believes poetry is the best expression of emotions and started reading and writing poetry at the age of fourteen getting inspired by poets such as Rabindranath Tagore and Mirza Ghalib. Encouraging newer talents in poetry and publishing them alongside renowned poet-personalities like Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Ruskin Bond, Vikram Seth, Gulzar, Irshad Kamil, Kapil Sibal, Shashi Tharoor, Deepti Naval, Shekhar Kapur etc. he has enabled the dreams of many like him to be fulfilled and have made them feel to be a part of the bigger picture. Recognizing his talent and effort in the field of poetry, he was awarded with the “Young Poet Award 2012” by Indian poetry society.