Sunday, 20 January 2013

WHERE DID THE PIECES GO ? by Ayushee Ghoshal

WHERE DID THE PIECES GO ? by Ayushee Ghoshal

Pieces of me here and there
Pieces of me every where
Some to the Void stare
Some in the ashes of the flare
Bits and pieces in the dark
listening to the whiper of the lark
Tyrant spells bound me , the wild winds coldly blow
Chocking life steady and slow
The giant tress are bent , the bare boughs weighed with snow
The storm is fast descending and i cant seem to find
where did the pieces go ?
Clouds below and beyond me
Wastes beyond and wastes above me
But nothing clear can move me
I am trying to find pieces of me.
In the hopeless days and sorrowful nights
The pieces disappeared as he went out of my sight
No where can i go,where did the feeling go ?
Waiting for things to be Deja~vu.
Once "best friends" ask  "Who are you"
And i cant seem to cope,I am hoping against hope
Nearly here,yet lost in the land of nowhere
Praying for your mirth,
In absence hope takes a birth
Broken phrases,incomplete verses
Empty dream leaving traces
Lonely day and dolorous nights
..The pieces have been missing
since you went out of my sight.

© Ayushee Ghoshal

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Make Believe - Happiness by Ketki Borgaonkar

Make Believe - Happiness

A night drenched in darkness
no moon up in the sky
not even a single firefly
the world turned grey
empty roads, scary trees
dead oceans and voiceless breeze.

A night of horror,worries and fear
long lonely way with a dead end seen clear
tweet tweet tweet 1st tweet of the night
faith is the bird that feels the joys and
sings when the dawn is still out of sight

there came the golden sunshine
colors replaced the grey
fear got replaced by the feeling at ease,
it feels so jolly so divine

empty roads turned to busy street
the flowers blooming in green
for once who were scary tree
dead oceans are filled with blue
and breeze full of dew

just make believe all what you want
universe will reply to your every thought
happiness one feel and happiness one gives
for him, happiness multiplied universe has always brought.

©  Ketki Borgaonkar

Monday, 14 January 2013

Freeze – Tessa Geogi

Freeze – Tessa Geogi

She wore her hair different today. Nothing great. She’s let her hair down and tucked two hair strands from each side in the back. Hmm, a little less of a mess! Oh she’s put on flowers too. And that too jasmine! So unlike her. It’s evening and the jasmines are already wilted & gone. But so what, they are still flowers! Her thick silky smoky brown hair makes it look like milk chocolate & vanilla toppings on a hard chocolate cake. Sweat drops emerged from her armpit , started running down her midriff. As her boney, cocoa coloured, lean frame tilted to left when she walked swiftly, a tiny, vibrant, bangle shop in the right corner caught her eye. Her thick lashed, deep set, brown eyes twinkled at the very sight of those kaleidoscopic glass bangles. Not that she loves bangles or anything feminine for that matter. Just that it’s her wedding tomorrow. But don’t ask her anything about the guy. She’s as clueless about him as she’s about the stink coming from her worn-out green bandhani saree. But then from tomorrow on, she might have a room with a door all for herself and this stranger. Even better, she might get to use a loo with a door. A door. ‘Door’ in quotes. Now that’s going to be heaven, being able to do the most private of basic needs without having to look around, without discomfort or fear. Who knows, the guy will be nice to her. Or he’ll be a maachod. Whatever. She’s a hardcore optimistic. A smile took place from the corners of her lips spread to her face. Her eyes twinkled brighter. So did her smile.
The boy in blue shorts held on to the green glass pebbles in his hand. Close. His black Bata shoes snorkeled in the slush pool formed after morning rain. He thought what maa is going to say when she sees his dirty shoes. Oh this day is too good to think of maa and her tantrums. I just want to think about Chuski, he thought. Kala Khatta Chuski! The mere thought of that purplish black syrup on ice slush, with a squeeze of lime and a pinch of masala made him slurrrrrrrrrrrrp. Woooh! Enough to forget Sharmeen maam’s grumpy face, principal’s gyaan and peon’s gaali. But not enough to forget the strawberry scented eraser Debby gave him, the Ben 10 magic pencil Chotu had and the Rugby match his team won today. Lalalala, it’s all lalalala today. Wait, wait. A Chuskiwallah there. His tiny hand went inside his left pocket in search of 5 rupee coins.
The old man strode past the busy market. He’s a capturer. No. He doesn’t capture hearts, nor is he a photographer who captures moments. He captures worries. As if his own worries aren’t enough. He seeks out miseries & woes. Or is it the other way around? They seek him out? Misery man he is, for sure. And whether or not he could keep up with the pace of the city, this city has been his everything. He feels a deep sense of belonging in every nook and cranny of this place as he wanders about. He searched for worried faces all over the market. A lot, today. He scrutinized all of it. His heart ached wanting to own the worries and pain he’s spotted on those faces. The depth and volume of it made him shudder. A sudden surge of joy took form inside him that he almost forgot why did he come to market. He toyed with every possible reason he could find. Got it, he wanted to get something for Khush, his pet mouse, his one and only living companion back home. If only you can call a 29 sq. ft. space with an asbestos sheet roof, Shankar Cements bag and a few wooden pieces put together, a home! But then in a city perpetually crunched for space, 29 sq. ft. is a luxury, isn’t it? Come to think of it, such an irony to call a mouse who lives there Khush! Gets me laughing. Now the question is from where will he get food with no money. He’s got a plan. Go to grocers, hang around till the crowd gets bigger, steal a handful of rice grains from the opened sack outside. That will do, he rushed.
The curly head just stood there. Looks like she’s waiting for someone. Her thick mane of hair adds charm to the beautiful, sharp face. The red ‘bus kya?’ t shirt she got from Attic is still wet. And so is her psychedelic dhoti pants. She rewinded the whole day in her mind. The long walk in the drizzle was the best part of the day. Except for the getting t shirt wet part. Her body bent forward and trembled a little, while her heartbeat almost stopped beating because of the cold. She started getting pins and needles in her feet from standing a long time. “Where the hell is Prateik? What the fuck is he doing? Why can’t that SOB call and inform that he’ll be late” prevailed her mind. Can’t blame her though. She’s been waiting for more than 2 hours. If Prateik shows up now, she’ll beat him so much that he will be better off as chaatwala’s paani.LOL. The thought of Prateik in Paanipuri made her LOL. Offo! All her anger just went down with that LOL! Sad. Forget it. Where’s she gonna take him tonight. Leopold Café, then Firangi Paani. Ekdum jhakaas. She took her BB from her cloth bag. Speed-dialled 2. 1 is her dad’s no., not Prateik’s.
6:55 pm, 13th July 2011.
Opera House neighbourhoods, Mumbai.
Happy or sad, it’s THE END!

© Tessa Geogi

The Smirk – Tessa Geogi

The Smirk – Tessa Geogi

Just as when she was turning the corner, she heard them teasing her. And the smirk widened. She didn’t see the world through her eyes, but through her smirk. And the world just saw the smirk. Occasionally when a smile appeared on her face too, it seemed like a less defiant variation of the smirk. The smirk conquered unseen provinces she was scared of and owned unknown terrains she was dreaming of. It wanted to cross all the lines and so did she. It encountered obstacles and ran into walls. A

part of her she knew never existed was awakened by the smirk. Besides, it decided everything. Held her head high. In all probability, the smirk chose her more than she chose the smirk. But then she stayed true to herself, choosing who she is. She knows so much more, for the smirk cleared everything that was foggy and overshadowed. She always has a way, a way of her own. Nothing or nobody stood in her way. Perhaps the smirk was blindfolding her. And even on the longest and most intricate night, she never laid awake, the smirk was her sleeping pill. It was obvious that the smirk was watching out her dreams, never letting any nightmare in.

Mellowed, she never was, not even by the raging sun or still night. As much as she loved being alone, the smirk hated stranding her. She made her way through the worst crowd. Men didn’t dare being in close proximity to her, even when required. The smirk kept them at a distance. Their attempts to strike a conversation also went down the drain. The smirk was so disturbing that they left the conversation in the middle, like a receiver hanging loose from the telephone. The smirk silenced every bad mouth, lowered every raised eyebrow and straightened every frowned forehead. They called her mad when she walked through estranged roads at midnight. And through highways where no woman dared set foot. Each footstep faster and more certain than the previous. Isolated or not, it never made any difference to her. The smirk made them insecure. Each time, when she gets on the late night bus crammed with men, they make a conscious yet successful effort not to brush past her, for reasons they haven’t understood yet. And once she grabs a window seat, quietly combing through the local newspaper and, looking out of the window every now and then, almost every man secretly stare at her, wanting and envying her free spirit. Reminding yet another movie cliché, that’s when the breeze falls on her face, gently blowing her hair, and the twinkle in her eyes sparked with a rebellious twinge, makes a sudden visit, making her face radiate with an unusual power. The power of knowing probably.

The smirk was intimidating, for men in particular. Because that smirk came from knowing. Knowing men too well. She knew every curve of her body well and exactly which make them go haywire. She knew all the imaginable and unimaginable they would do. She knew all the permutations and combinations they would try. Moreover she knew the beast in them and even better, when the beast got the better of them. They thought they were unleashing the animal in them and she knew they were leashed inside this animality. They thought they were being strong, manly & brave and she knew they were being weak, kittens & chicken shits. The only feeling she could recognize she has towards them is pity. The pity that came from knowing. And knowledge indeed is power. She knows that too well now.

3 weeks ago

No longer does she know fear. They thought they took a lot from her. But the truth was they couldn’t take anything and only she knew it. The wounds were too fresh, the pain too strong. Still nothing could change her and she never lost herself. She was supposed to feel grey or blue but all she could feel was sunshine yellow and kelly green. The smirk wouldn’t let her break down. Nor it would let peace and hope slip away. She didn’t even have to start over because nothing had ended for her in the first place. At that point, she turned it around and grew, reaching another, higher level. As she was lying motionless on the river bank, she thought of what happened a few hours ago.

It seemed as if she stepped out of her body and was watching what was happening, not able to do anything about it. All she was thinking was that they could take her body, but she would not let them take her soul! She did not feel a thing. When one of them first started penetrating her she could feel him, but the more and longer he was inside of her the less she felt him. She just shut down. It felt like an outer body experience. As the four of them took turns doing everything possible, just before she collapsed, her pleas gave way to something else, as if she had a sudden moment of enlightenment. That’s when the smirk was born on her virgin lips.

Meet her.

© Tessa Geogi

Iam Just I’am – Krishna Kumar

Iam Just I’am – Krishna Kumar


Mehra and Jawahar both were classmates in their Computer science
engineering in the I.I.T. They were both different kind of personalities, they
both have big dreams in their minds. Both of their dreams had a common
target that both wanted to achieve something great in their life. Perhaps there
lay a subtle difference in both of their dreams Jawahar wanted to earn more
money where as Mehra wanted to invent something big, really big in his life.

Jawahar was realistic while Mehra was a dreamer.

Mehra wanted to invent his machine-

5D theatre- Dream movie maker- He wanted to invent a theatre where
people seeing the movie would be taken inside of the movie and would
experience the things which the telecasted movie has. The theatre room
contained the Electromagnetic waves, which could control some of the actions
of our brain, being synchronised to the frequency of some of the waves that
could particularly modulate and adjust some of the functions of our brain. So
that when people enter the room their subconscious brain only works while
the other brain sleeps. Hence our whole body parts get their rest and could
not work except the optic and oral system.

And when the movie plays the people would forget the surrounding
they were in and would take them into the movie’s environment. The
people’s experience inside the movie’s environment would be same as their
experiences in a dream. That was in a dream, people would get hungry,
sorrow, happiness, etc…and they might also feel of getting satisfied with all
these in the same dream. But none of the things were real and the important
thing was that people would never know that it was a dream until they woke
up. If a movie is in 3D, we know that we were watching a movie but in 5D we
would never be able to understand that it was just a movie in which we are in.

That is in his dream movie maker, when hero of the film walks in a desert,
people who were watching it would also feel as if they were walking in
the desert. And the most important of all these were people would forget
everything including that they were actually watching a movie.

They were in competition with each other. For they felt they really succeeded
only if they surpassed the other. When the completed their B.E. Computer
Science Jawahar topped the college while Mehra was the second high scorer.

These two maniacs then challenged each other that who would be the one
enjoying more success, fame and money. Jawahar told Mehra arrogantly that
whatever he does he could always be behind him.

Mehra smiled, “In slow running the one who stays back actually wins the
game. I will succeed you.”

Jawahar agonised, “Let’s see that after two years.”

“I will invent something you and the whole world has never thought of.”

“May be after being inspired by my own invention”

Jawahar had enough wealth, money and everything to attain his dream. But
Mehra had scarce of all these but he believed he could do it. He had his self
confidence in excess in attaining his dream.


DAY 1:

Mehra woke up and found him lying in a room he was unfamiliar with. He was
clad in a green dress and the room was also isolated. He tried to obtain help
from someone, but no one was there.

Then a man with a beard entered his room, he introduced himself as his
doctor. Mehra was too confused for he felt that he had never met him before.
Then the doctor switched on the T.V. , which was in front of him, and he too
watched it along with him. Mehra cried after watching this, the doctor asked
what the things were, which he could remember from his previous day’s

He told the doctor that his yesterday’s remembrance was some of the most
valuable memories in his life.

He told him that it was the one of the precious day of his life. He woke early in
the morning after that he spent most of his time in the invention of his dream

maker. At last in the evening he had attained his dream. He had invented his
dream maker and tested it successfully as well.

After explaining his whole story he cried.

The doctor told him not to worry as everything would be alright few days after.


While on the other side, Jawahar had been living his life extremely well. He
had invented the 5 D theatre and become one of the eminent scientists. He
had earned enough fame, success and money he seemed to have won the
challenge with Mehra.

DAY 2:
The next day Mehra rose up and once again confused of the place he was
being there, as before the doctor came there and once again did the same like
he was doing for many days. Then he asked Mehra about his remembrances of
the previous day. He thought about it and told him that, as he had successfully
invented his dream maker he went to obtain patent for his invention but
before he could obtain patent for his work Jawahar had already got the patent
for his invention he was shocked by it. He knew that one of his class mate
had stole his invention he was disappointed by it very much then he spent the
remaining of his day in a railway station with sorrows and angriness.

DAY 3:
The next day as soon as Mehra woke and tried to recollect his previous day
happenings his agony rose to a greater extent. He anguished his frustration.
The doctor soon rushed to his room Mehra cried and sobbed.

Doctor asked, “What has happened?”

“I was deceived. They stole my life time’s dedication.”

He told him that one of his classmates had stolen all of his plans then he
remodelled it and used it as his own invention. He had not only done that he
also passed electricity into my body.

As usual he was too much perplexed why he was being there so he asked the

doctor who was he and inquired about him. The doctor silently switched ON
the television.

The video contained these words which are explained to him to Mehra sitting
in front of him.

“One and half years before, your friend Jawahar admitted you. He said that
you are a scientist and while you are experimenting on your invention your
brains have affected by some waves and you have turned out to be an amnesia
patient. After that we closed monitored you although we could not exactly
find out what you are afflicted with, we came to know that you haven’t fully
forget about your past. Your cerebrum has been greatly affected. You have
lost track of the incidents that would be stored in your brain as the memories.
What your brain remembers as the memories for things that have happened
to you as yesterday were the things which might be happened to you a few or
many days before. i.e. for you yesterday means the day which has happened
to you a few or many days before. Today’s happenings are not recollected
by your brain as yesterday’s memories, instead what your brain recollects as
yesterday’s memories were actually memories of the things that are different
from your actual yesterday’s happenings. Today’s happenings will come to
your memory after few days.”

But the good of all the things was that your brain has not lost its sequence in
storing the happenings as memories though it lags in it for few days.

Let us consider what you remember today as your yesterday’s memories
is actually happenings of last week Monday then tomorrow you will
automatically remember the last week Tuesday’s happenings as the
yesterday’s memory in tomorrow.

Mehra after hearing this understood that these all are done by Jawahar only.
He tried to make him amnesiac by placing him inside his laboratory. But due to
some mistakes he has not become amnesiac but has lost many more than that.
He then remained patient about the things and slept in the night.

DAY 4:
Then next day as usual he woke up and remained silent. The doctor entered
the room. Mehra saw him and said,

“Thank you very much doctor for all the things you have done to me. I am
alright now.”

Mehra got the remembrance of his first day in this hospital, he become aware
of the disease he was ailing with. He remembered the doctor explaining about
him in the video. The doctor understood that and he counted the days from
he had been here. It was 88 days and the doctor explained him that he had
been suffering a memory delay of 88 days. i.e. Today’s happenings would
arise to his memory only after 88 days and what he holds as memories for the
previous day’s happenings where actually memories of the happenings that
had happened to him 88 days before.

Then after comprehending the disaster that had happened to him he was very
much depressed with it first. Then he stayed in the hospital for another week
then he went back to his own place…

After that he went to meet Jawahar there Jawahar was actually sleeping in
the lap of luxury he had attained much of fame, and success as he claimed to
invented the dream movie maker.

Mehra saw Jawahar and said him, “You succeeded by defeating me, I will
defeat you by my success. On the day you stole my dream you have already
failed. I will show this to the whole world. Our challenge day had not yet
arrived. We have another five and half months, let’s see who will win.”

After saying this immediately he turned back and started to walk…

Even during now he didn’t have anything, he has no money, fame or anything
but he believed he would do it…and know he would be doing it…

© Krishna Kumar



  Cutaneous leishmaniasis was a parasitic disease that caused nodules or sores to form on the skin, including the skin of the face.   Affected people suffered having a single lesion or many lesions.  Sores heal slowly over months to years and leave scars.  This fatal disease came to Stephen when he was just eight years old.  Though it was cured a year after, the fatal thing was that this disease affected his beautiful plump face and left scars on it.  This made his face look ugly and one; even he could not see his face continuously for a minute.
  But during that age he didn’t worry much about this because at that time he had: the eyes that saw his precious heart lying beneath his ugly face; the ears that heard every word he spoke; arms that always reached for him; a heart that always cared for him and offered the pure love; in all these forms he had his mother, who was very much affectionate with him.  His father was a dipsomaniac and died when he was two years old due to over alcoholism.  During that time, his mother became pauper repaying the debts that were borrowed to her husband’s medication costs but she overcame that by working as a baby sitter.
  Stephen then went to school but no one was ready to give company to him in the school.  Few found irritating to sit near him and only a few children talked with him.  When his mother came to know all about this she ceased him from going to school.  She taught him the subject of affection.  She told him the formula of love that
 “If you give love to the people, they will repay the same in multiples.”
 When she was near to him he never cared about anything.  He wouldn’t be concerned about his appearance, since she told him that
” The real beauty of a man lies in the way he loves other people and other creatures in this world.”
 His mother would go for work and he would be there in his house: sometimes painting; sometimes arranging the things in his house; sometimes washing the dishes and sometimes nothing except waiting for the arrival of his mother and arrival of the chocolates, which she would bought for him every day.   His life went on like this.
 He listened to the stories told by his mother and he fell asleep in her lap itself.  Sometimes while Stephen had slept, his mother demented with worries by looking at his face thinking how he was going to survive in this world after her.  She always prayed to god to give Stephen another loving heart like her, when he wants to take her away from him.
  Stephen then began to have more faith in God, he felt as if some supreme power was always planning for his activities and watching him always.  But whenever he saw his face against the mirror he got angry with God for creating his face like that.
  The years went on, then Stephen celebrated his 16th birthday, sometimes he went out to the churches, sea shores, etc.   Perhaps, he hated travelling in the bus because whenever he travelled in the bus, no one sat near him.  Moreover he was afraid to sit near other people because few reacted to him violently.  They forget to see the humanity in him.   All they saw was the ugly face of him.  And even few said to him that this scornful disease came to him because of the sins that might be done by him in his previous lives.
  Yet he never cared about all those because he had his mother as a shoe to walk over the broken glass.  Though God had thrown away the broken glass on his path, Stephen was happy that he had given him his mother as the shoe.  But that didn’t last long.  God took his shoe away.  By an unexpected fall from the staircase his mother died leaving him to live in her house with solitude.  As this suddenly happened, he was first much depressed with it.  The seeds of hope she cultivated in his heart made him to clang on his life.   He always remembered his mother’s words that,
 “Whenever you get much depressed by life and if you feel that, these were the worst thing that shall never happen to anyone.  Don’t get angry with God and hate your life.  But just look out for a positive way because surely there will be some light hidden somewhere in the midst of the darkness.  If you are able to find that, then that’s the end of the darkness”
 He knew very well that both sadness and happiness of life were not permanent.  Few months run by, after getting the salvation by himself he joined                                                                   as a servant to one of the houses, where his mother first went as a baby sitter, then she turned out to be the maid of the house.  This house was the same place where she breathed her last minutes.
  The youngest baby of the house had then turned out to be a beautiful girl of the house.  He went to the house daily in the morning and returned to his house in the evening.  He felt comfortable working in the house as everyone in that house never cared about his appearance.  Nonetheless, one day he came to know that the beautiful daughter of the house was having some trouble in seeing his face as she never looked onto his face or eyes while talking, so he avoided to be noticed by her vision.
  He usually had to cross a high traffic road in the evening in order to catch the bus on the other side.  Always before crossing the road he would see for a long time on the two sides of the road until he makes sure that no automobiles were coming against him, because he believed life was too precious to be wasted on the roads.
 On the next day as usual he went to their house.   He was surprised on seeing the photographer arrived to take the family photo.  He waited that they would be calling him because he believed him as part of their family.  He went to their house as a servant not because of the salary but because of the love he had for them.
He accidentally interrupted the photograph.  The lady of the family shouted at him as
 “You spoiled a nice photograph with your ugly face.”
Hearing this made him to embarrass than ever.  He was much depressed and his agony rose.  For the first time in his life he felt it would have better if he had not been born in this world.   With full of hatredness towards his life he crossed the road without seeing whether it was clear or not.   That time he was hit by a car and he was hurt.
   The man, who drove the car after providing the first aid, carried him immediately to the hospital.  Since he was a doctor, Stephen was lucky enough to be saved with fewer injuries by his immediate attention and action.
 Then in the hospital he asked Stephen why he was careless while crossing the road.  Stephen narrated the story of him.   Hearing this, the doctor felt pity for him.  Even so that was not the one which Stephen actually wanted.
  The doctor then told about the cosmetic surgery costing around $1500 by which his face could be made normal.  And he assured him that he would arrange it for him if he could provide at least half of the money.  Stephen felt some complacence in him because he realised that he had at last got a chance to make his ugly face a normal one.  He never wanted his face to look so beautiful all he wanted was that his face looking tolerable.
  After that, the doctor took him in his car to drop him.  In the middle of their travel the Doctor spoke to him about the new Alsace he had bought.  Stephen told him that he was scared of dogs as dogs usually barks on seeing him.
 And when he stepped out of the car in the doctor’s house an Alsace ran near him.  Stephen was scared but the Alsace came too close to him by wagging its tail.  The doctor lamented about the dog that it usually barked on seeing people and he wondered how the dog could be silent this time.  These words induced Stephen some form of fondness towards that Alsace.  Without a second thought, he requested the doctor to give the Alsace to him, but the doctor refused saying that he bought it just before a week.
     After spending some time in the doctor’s house Stephen was about to leave and he started walking.   The dog followed him until he left the house.
In that night all the thoughts of Stephen were surrounded with that dog.
 On the next day he entered the doctor’s house in order to steal the Alsace.  When the doctor was out he took the dog in his hands.  The dog was silent in his hands, it hadn’t barked even once.   But unfortunately the watchman of the house saw him.   Seeing that Stephen started running and at last he was caught by the doctor.
The doctor warned him and told him clearly that he was not in a mind to give away his new dog.  So Stephen left the place with dismay and humiliations.
     Few days went, then one day the doctor called him.   So he went to his house the doctor gave him the Alsace saying that
“This dog always barks on seeing humans except you.”
With full of happiness and excitement he took the Alsace to his house and the Alsace as “Dommy”.
  Dommy was silent in his hands but as soon as it entered the house it wandered around every corner to the entire place, which people had never entered before.  As the Dommy clearly knew that he was going to be the king of that house it walked in a swagger.
  He became attached to the Dommy he gave food to it before he ate and he ate whenever Dommy ate.  Two days went like that.
  The next day Dommy by wagging its tail jumped and broke the plates, which he kept for the remembrance of his mother, so he got angry and hurt Dommy.  After two minutes Dommy came near him as usual by wagging its tail; making his master to wonder how God had created these kinds of creatures, which didn’t possess any envy, anger, indifference and those like worse things, which were seen in ordinary humans.
  On the weekends he prepared food for him and his Dommy.   They went to places, which they might never have seen before.  Together they walked large distances, explored some new places, had their food under some tree and returned only when they wished.  
   He still had one thing disturbing his heart.   He wanted to earn money in order to change his face.  
 Days went on and by the doctor’s recommendation a millionaire accepted to offer him the cost of the operation.  Then Stephen accepted that.   With his Dommy he went to the hospital.  He kept Dommy outside; though the doctor came near, it was not ready to go with him.  Dommy just focused on the stretcher carrying his master inside the operation theatre.
  Dommy once again started barking with abhorrence on seeing the ordinary people’s face.   Stephen asked the doctor a five minutes time to calm down Dommy.  He went leaving Dommy with Stephen.
    Few minutes later the doctor entered the operation theatre.  He found that, Stephen was not there.   He instead, found a letter on the bed.  He started reading that letter, in that letter he had written as
 “All I wanted is a soul that surrounds me, a heart that purely loves me, and an eye that sees my beauty lying underneath my ugly face.  I have got the one.  God had given me all these in the name of Dommy.  Dommy recognises everything good in me.  Dommy barks on seeing the other people but not at me.  To Dommy I am something special that may be because of the appearance of my face. I am afraid that it may be difficult for my Dommy to recognise me or it may hate me, if I operate my face.  Why should I need to show myself beautiful for these people, who have never seen the inner humanity of me? I will rather remain the same for the Dommy that loves me so much as the way I am, than to become someone to  please others, who doesn’t care much about me.  I feel my ugliness as a precious one because it has attracted a beautiful soul that would surround me always.”
 The doctor after reading this felt ashamed of himself and on the entire people who failed to recognise the precious humanity lying underneath his ugly face.
    Then doctor reached the window and saw Stephen leaving the hospital with his lovable Dommy.
 Stephen then took the bus and this time he had no enough time to look whether the people around him was feeling indifferent to him or not as he had only a scarce time to watch out his Dommy play joyfully.
After this incident, while travelling in the bus he felt comfortable when no one sat near him.  It would be easier for his Dommy to sit over there.
   He cherished his mother’s words “There will surely be some light hidden somewhere in the midst of the darkness.”   The light came to him in the form of Dommy to end his darkness…
--- Krishna Kumar

© Krishna Kumar