Monday, 27 April 2015

E-Version of Papercut by Philip Thomas Launched

First Step Publishing is happy to announce the launch of E-Version of Papercut Written by Philip Thomas on Google Playstore.
You can grab an E-Book by just Following the Q R Code or by the following Link CLICK HERE
Papercut is an Anthology of Poems written by Philip Thomas.
Book will soon be available as a paperback version in all major online stores.

Title: Papercut

Author: Philip Thomas

ISBN: 978-93-83306-23-1

About the Book: Paper Cut surrenders to nearly all emotions and weaknesses of a man and rise from it. The author draws inspiration from situations and experiences around him. While, a poetry collection Paper Cut manages to create characters, characters that author expects the reader will connect to and empathize to. Sara is one such, she is, was and always will be the most inspirational to the author.
Though Sara is one girl, the works depicted here does have the essence of most of the women in author’s life. The works which doesn’t have a living character, or a protagonist, the author tried making up for it by giving it a “character”
The works explores and exposes the author’s weaknesses and faults as human but also depicts his desire to come out tall of all the imperfections, and how he is hanging in there while he has absolutely nothing to show for all the efforts, but still hanging in there.
And thus he share’s his life in form of a verse with you.

About the Author:  Philip Thomas, born in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, has completed his graduation in Commerce and is currently working as an Office Secretary in an Engineering College. He has, thus far, in his personal collection well over 200 poems in both English and Hindi. More often women are the central character of his poems.
His writings also advocates of hope and love for life.  Paper Cut being his first work to get published has his selected poems written over a period of 7 Years.

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