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Elancharan Gunasekaran

Elancharan is an emerging artist who mixes modern poetry with futuristic digital art. He resides in Singapore with his family and cat, Leo. His love for poetry started after reading a collection of zombie Haiku at a local bookstore. Elan is the author of Supernatural Haiku, The Refugee, Into Oblivion and Dark Revolver. His poetry works has been published on various international print and online platforms. He writes and draws (mostly in black & white) with the hope of resurrecting Singapore’s ‘dead poetry’ society.

His works have been featured in:

Authored Works:

·        Author of Supernatural Haiku E-book ( Poetry published by Tusitala)
·        Author of The Refugee E-book ( Poetry published by Tusitala)
·        Author of Dark Revolver ( Poetry published by Roman Books)
·        Author of Into Oblivion ( Poetry published by Authorspress)

 Literary Contributions:

·        Volume 2 of Miracle Ezine- Black & Gold (Poem)
·        Volume 4 of Miracle Ezine- Celestial Voyager (Poem)
·        Mini Operas- The Tormented (Short play)
·        Noise Singapore submission- Back to Basics (Digital art) and Chidambaram collection (Travel      

·        Staged Art exhibition at SOTA ( Poetry & digital art)
·        Volume 6 of Harvests of New Millennium- Against the World (Poem)
·        Pink Pages Website- Against the World (Poem)
·        Taj Mahal Review- Simplicity of War (Poem)
·        Literary Yard Website- Silent Stage (Poem)

Abhishek Agarwal 

Abhishek, “Abhi” as his friends call him, is an B. Tech in Mechanical Engineer by qualification, an Auto enthusiast by Profession, a garrulous confident person by nature. His interests include teaching and Writing poetries and his college days instilled passion for “Anchoring” event. He is keen on making new friends and wishes to do something that brings a smile on every face. Supported by an author turned friend, his entry “Amchi Mumbai:- Its Different” is based on Abhishek’s interaction with people and situations in Mumbai and describes what makes the city so unique in itself. At present, Abhishek is expanding his cosmopolitan horizon and exploring new spheres of life in Delhi.

Dr Nayab Patel

Dr Nayab Patel completed her Ph.D from University of Mumbai specializing in American Literature. Nayab has held various posts during her career of 12 years including Sub-Editor for a Tabloid, Curriculum Planner, Examiner/moderator at the University of Mumbai, Visiting Lecturer and Lecturer at various colleges in Mumbai. She has been socially active and worked for several NGO’s and  organized various fund raising and awareness campaigns.
She relocated to the UK in 2010 after marriage where she got her first publication “He sent me flowers ” in a short fiction story book “Flash in the Pan” for offender learners .  She is now pursuing a course  at University of Warwick and is working as a Lecturer for Milton Keynes College in the UK. Nayab is on the verge of completing her short stories book based on the lives of women in Post Colonial and Post Modern era.

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

An Aquarian by nature, an anaesthesiologist by profession and an avid blogger by vocation, Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan believes in the healing power of love and laughter but practises medicine just to be on the safe side. He has previously been published in various anthologies including:
1)'Chicken Soup for the Indian Doctor's Soul' (Westland Publishers)
2)'Urban Shots: Bright Lights' (Grey Oak Publishers)
3)'Love Stories that Touched my Heart' (Penguin Publishers) and
4)'Ten Shades of Life' (Mahaveer Publishers).
His short stories have also been published in medical conference souvenirs and charitable organisation periodicals and he presently hosts his own column "An Appletini a Day..." in the popular e-magazine Tamarind Rice. 
In 2012, he was chosen as one of India's Premium Bloggers by the social network, Blogadda. 
He blogs at www.godyears.net.

Aileen Friedman

Aileen Friedman is an accomplished author with two novels behind her name. The first, “Changes From a Sunset” was published in 2012, and the second, “When is My Forever”, in 2013. Ms Friedman taps into her personal experiences for inspiration, and her work has been very well-received not only in South Africa but throughout the world, for its accessibility and the believable characters she creates. Having been a dedicated Christian for 24 years, and an upstanding member of her community, Ms Friedman’s stories carry a message of hope for all her readers.

Indu Pillai  

"An avid reader and enthusiast of the performing arts, Indu has dabbled in writing for a long time. One of her collaborations was recently published by the Southbank Center in the UK. Born and raised in Delhi she now calls London her home and is a Digital Marketing Expert with a keen interest in all things Social."

Lt Col Ankita Srivastava

A lady of vaulting ambition and volcanic passions, Lt Col Ankita Srivastava is Allahabad's first girl to join the pioneer batch of Indian Army in 1993. Having participated in OP- Kargil, she completed 14 years in the tough domain where every day was a challenge being a lady Officer.  Accustomed to taking challenges, after Army, she undertook 180 degree opposite challenge and walked in 'TANISHQ’ Beauty pageant 2008 carving a new leaf by winning it!  Next she created history when she stunned the nation, winning ‘Most Vivacious Woman’ award at GLADRAGS Mrs. India 2009.
 2010, she joined as the first lady security officer in SBI. As she brought total discipline, she got conferred with State Bank’s Excellence award, given first time to a lady security officer.  Simultaneously, she then began leaping cheerfully into creativity (her hidden passion) as she authored her debut book- ‘The Pink Scarecrow’
Her journey from simple to tough; tough to gorgeous ; gorgeous to accomplished and now aiming to soar as a sky rocket so as to impregnate the wind that blows from end of the globe to another with her inscription is a true example of sweat and blood used up to achieve what one desires.

Megha Shrivastava Khare 

Megha Shrivastava Khare, residing in Mumbai with her husband & 4 year old son. Megha is a Founder &  CEO of a startup company named YOUNG BIRDS, it provides online educative & interactive fun learning program's, majorly APPS available on IOS, ANDROID, & WINDOW.
She loves designing Cartoons, Games & Apps & writing stories for children, she is also passionate about travelling, reading, photography & cooking.
Megha also writes for an online magazine www.healthbizindia.in on TRAVEL and so far has 12 & more articles published with them.
Megha also writes poetry and soon planning to publish her individual book.
She is a person who believes in creating beautiful memories by living her life crazily every moment.

Nehali Lalwani

Nehali Lalwani is an Asst. Professor of Human Resource Management in Anand. After her schooling from a Convent School from Nadiad, she became much inclined to the art of writing. In spite of her education in the field of Commerce she wasn’t able to veil her urge of writing. Her story in this book marks her debut as a writer. She is sociable, playful and passionate by nature. She has a fine hand on writing poems, short stories and articles. She believes words to be the medium of her thoughts and ideas. The theme of Love finds a new definition in her stories. Her philosophy of life says that love though unfulfilled never dies.

Paras Bandha  

Paras is currently pursuing his masters in commerce, born and brought up in Ludhiana he loves music, singing and writing. Bit conservative with new friends but loves socializing. loves imagining things at core.
This story "Revenge" explains the capital punishment for the human cum devils and he hopes if it could work as an eye opener to higher officials.

Rohan Kachalia

A Sagittarian by nature and hence hopelessly romantic by heart (termed by his wife) which he begs to differ, a banker by vocation, a blogger by leisure pursuit and an aspiring writer.
Have been taken to reading and blogging since last one year and reading and writing romance seems to be his forte, along with poems, haiku and erotica.
His only dream is to see himself as a successful author and 'Minds @Work 2' is the stepping stone for his dream to come true.  He blogs jointly with his wife at: http://ponderingtwo.blogspot.in
His mantra for life is : Cheers, Keep Smiling & Embrace Love.

Sagar Gandhi

Sagar Gandhi, residing in Gujarat, is basically an engineering student. He is reserved by nature and a avid reader. He loves to play cricket and online games. Whenever he finds time, he likes to pens down. He has by far penned down many poems and short stories

Shamita Harsh

Shamita is a 19 year old author at heart and freelance writer by profession, a college student of Mass Communication. She lives with her parents in Dehradun, the tinsel town she grew up in, right alongside her babies, her best friends who were born and brought up in the amazing town: the Creepy Cuties. A born writer at heart, she owes it to her dad for the lineage of writing, for the inkling toward the creative!

In her spare time she likes to pen her thoughts and poems in her journal, a prized possession she keeps ever since she was 11. A right-brained thinker, Shamita loves to write fiction triggered from observing things around her. A devoted reader, she hordes books for pleasure in her tiny shoe-rack-turned-into-a-library.

“For her friendship is the happy connection that oils the rusty wheel of life."

"One advice for anyone and everyone, if you believe (enough) YOU can make your dreams happen, just like I did!”~ Shamita

Vishal Manve

Having grown-up in the picturesque and rural backdrop of Karnataka, Vishal had a penchant for reading books beyond his age and observing the rural charades. He would unravel the mysteries of Othello, Raja Rao and other literary classics since grade four. With love for writing and charter-sketching developing, Journalism became his career. having worked with Indian Express, BBC and NDTV, he has joined Asia news International. Plans to publish his book and establish a literary career besides a strong career in Journalism.


Abhinand.S.Jaguva, is a Mechanical engineer and lives in Madurai. He could be seen engaging himself with novels most of the time. He likes to write more than reading and loves to improve it. He is a freelance blogger and wishes to see his work published one day. Apart from reading, he loves to ride bike and watch movies. He started blogging at abhinandjaguva.blogspot.in and eventually it has become a section for book reviewing. Now, he blogs at Purple pen and likes to make more friends. You can follow him at http://abhinandjaguva.blogspot.in/

Foreword for ' i ' Written by Ishita Bhown: Where she states value each " i " 

Chetan Jaiman

"Acadamically, B.Tech in Bio-Medical Engineering and Masters in Advertising while specialized in Public Relations, Chetan Jaiman is basically from Alwar Rajasthan and is currently working in a PR Agency in Delhi. Besides writing, Chetan is a keen learner of Indian Astrology and also a well-known Astrologer. Chetan Started writing since 2008 and has written many articles on social topics.
Meet The Strings is his First Book to be launched by First Step Publishing which is a compilation of Nine Stories each with a different colour."


Yash Gaur

Yash Gaur Born and brought up in a business family of BALRAMPUR (Uttar Pradesh, INDIA) he received his schooling from the same town. His writing has been published in many leading newspapers of India and various ezines.
His dad is a well recognized writer himself and grandpa was a novelist too.
His first poem came in light when he accidently made his mom cry and wrote his feelings on a piece of paper. .when later caught, he refused to accept that it was his self written but when his dad appreciated for the work, he finally said a yes and probably that was a yes for his writing journey.

Paulami Duttagupta

Writing has been a deep rooted passion for a while. What started as a journey of writing articles in college and Durga Puja souvenirs, led to feature writing with The Shillong Times and The Guwahati- Shillong Plus edition of The Times of India.Born and brought up in Shillong, and schooled in Loreto Convent and an English Honours from St Edmund‘s college; I later came down to Kolkata to pursue Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. Indian television has been particularly dear to me. Being part of the industry has not onlyhelped me in professional growth but has spearheaded my writing.

Pragya Chaturvedi

Pragya Chaturvedi, 18 years old, is a poet, writer, book-lover,philosopher, dreamer and believer. Interested in almost everything,she lives with the vast ambition to see every creation and taste every delicacy there is in this world. Every piece of blank paper is an irresistable temptation that drives her to spill the emotions and imaginations of her young heart over it. She is crazy enough to believe that she can change the world. Her work has been published in the international anthologies, 'TheSurvivor's Guide to Bedlam' and 4 Volumes of 'Reflections on a Blue Planet'. She has written numerous articles in national newspapers such as Hindustan Times, Free Press etc. She was honoured as 'Young Writer of the Town of Dewas' on 10th July, 2011

Don't classify me as a poet, or a writer, or an artist. First, I am just a lover of life and its largesse. Nonetheless I have been wielding the holy quill since age 11, starting with my poetry being published in leading Indian dailies like Pioneer, HT, and TOI at the weepy age of 11, since then I've not looked back. I am a professional blogger and intend to jump into publication as people have shown love for my writing and blog and a lot of encouragement for my "Bard" ish instincts. My hope, love, and life lies in poetry, and publication is just a way to make sure people can reach out and touch my experiences.

Susma loves reading and writing. Her reading list includes almost everything under the sun. Historical fictions are her favourites. This perhaps shows her love for both literature and history.
Few of her poems have been published in certain national and international anthologies. and few others have been published in national and online magazines. Poems, to Susma are a medium of letting one's heart out in the form of verses, only a few lines says a lot.


Aseem grew up in Muscat and after moving across India for a couple of years as part of his education, he currently works as a Consultant in Hyderabad. He has worked on digital media projects for HCL Ltd and Silicon India among others, done quite a bit of professional blogging and has also written a few short stories.

Ambrish Vilas Surve has been writing for past 12 years, but it was on and off. Ambrish is a B.com Gradute, Professionally working for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as Technical Consultant. Ambrish likes to pen down his feelings and his experience, then convert them into poetry.

Siddhi Aras Perky, enthusiastic and gregarious are adjectives that tend to best define Siddhi's personality. She is a management professor by profession but her inclination and passion has always been only towards writing. Right from her early childhood she was always fond of scribbling down some words in her secret diary. The biggest jump was when she joined JAM magazine and knew that it was an ultimate opportunity that had knocked at her doorstep. She made it point to expose herself to different beats and writing styles and enjoyed a wonderful 16 months association with them

Saurabh S. Pawse was born and brought up in Mumbai. He is a computer engineer by profession. He loves reading. Some of his favorite authors are Twain, Poe, Chekhov, Orwell, Dahl, Kafka and Rand. His favorite books are Fountainhead, 1984, Animal Farm and Three men in a boat, just to name a few. He literally devours short stories written by Dahl, Poe, Chekhov and Twain.
Saurabh’s penchant for writing sowed the seeds of this book. He feels that writing allows him to give shape to his innermost thoughts, thoughts that are sometimes based on real events and those that are products of his imagination.

Maitreyee Dixit is a student of class nine. She is a member of the editorial council of her school. Maitreyee started writing short stories and poems at the age of 8. Maitreyee writes on the subjects focusing upon social issues af- fecting children and society at large. Maitreyee’s poems finds expression in emotional issue a human being face in various roles in the society and a yearning to break free from the mundane bindings of life. Literary can be traced in Maitreyee to her maternal great grand father Dr Hariram Mishra who was a meritorious scholar of Banaras Hindu University. She stays in Mumbai


Krishna Kumar Born in a middle class family in Pollachi a small town in Tamil Nadu. His father is a government employee and his mother a housewife. He did his schooling in Pollachi itself. Currently pursuing B-E Aeronautical Engineer- ing. A person who cares and respects his parents the most. Writing is his hobby and he has written many short stories along with many poems. He resides in Coimbatore

Sydon, born and brought up in Mumbai didn't realize he could write poems till about the age of 20. An engineer by profession he loves to play and watch sports, travel, eat and sleep in whatever spare time he gets. Writing initially was done mostly on experiences in life until when in his first com- pany he was asked to write poems for a social cause and then abstract poetry became a possibility.

Rohit Shetty Academically a Chemical Engineer Dip and B-Tech. He is an Author of the book "Silent Voices" published in the year 2011. Born and brought up in Mumbai. Rohit started writing at the age of twelve. He wrote for himself and dreamt of being a published author since childhood. When in school a particular friend of his gave him a technique to remember things in a rhythmic form. While doing this for a geography lesson it turned out to be a poetry. That was the day in school and today he has a collection of 450+ English Poems. His one poem has been published in "The International Book of Poetry" in the year 2001 and also in the book "Silent Solitude" by Kevin Lavin "An Anthology of poems by amateur poets". His few poems were published in Mulund Plus (NOW KNOWN AS MULUND POWAI PLUS) a sub division of The Times Of India in the year 2004. Writing became his passion which he mostly does when the night sleeps.

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