Sunday, 17 May 2015

Meet: Jitendra Pathak: Contributing Poet for Rhymes and Rhythm

 Jitendra Pathak, born on 20 August. He has been pursuing B.E. in ECE stream from Dr. B.R. Ambedker University, Agra. He basically like to do poetry in both languages; Hindi and English. His genre of writing poetry are: social, romantic, religious, philosophical and sometimes it involve these all together. His view of writing says that 'writing is a part of life comes in words which has lots of experiences and more than just a thought. So, selling of these things sometimes hurts me a lot because these are not for sell, rather share them and enjoy the sheer joy of happiness. Writer don't create a story, rather, story create a writer.' He says himself a cocktail of philosophy and literature, and when you mix them together then he prepares; a poet.

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