Sunday, 20 January 2013

WHERE DID THE PIECES GO ? by Ayushee Ghoshal

WHERE DID THE PIECES GO ? by Ayushee Ghoshal

Pieces of me here and there
Pieces of me every where
Some to the Void stare
Some in the ashes of the flare
Bits and pieces in the dark
listening to the whiper of the lark
Tyrant spells bound me , the wild winds coldly blow
Chocking life steady and slow
The giant tress are bent , the bare boughs weighed with snow
The storm is fast descending and i cant seem to find
where did the pieces go ?
Clouds below and beyond me
Wastes beyond and wastes above me
But nothing clear can move me
I am trying to find pieces of me.
In the hopeless days and sorrowful nights
The pieces disappeared as he went out of my sight
No where can i go,where did the feeling go ?
Waiting for things to be Deja~vu.
Once "best friends" ask  "Who are you"
And i cant seem to cope,I am hoping against hope
Nearly here,yet lost in the land of nowhere
Praying for your mirth,
In absence hope takes a birth
Broken phrases,incomplete verses
Empty dream leaving traces
Lonely day and dolorous nights
..The pieces have been missing
since you went out of my sight.

© Ayushee Ghoshal

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