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Iam Just I’am – Krishna Kumar

Iam Just I’am – Krishna Kumar


Mehra and Jawahar both were classmates in their Computer science
engineering in the I.I.T. They were both different kind of personalities, they
both have big dreams in their minds. Both of their dreams had a common
target that both wanted to achieve something great in their life. Perhaps there
lay a subtle difference in both of their dreams Jawahar wanted to earn more
money where as Mehra wanted to invent something big, really big in his life.

Jawahar was realistic while Mehra was a dreamer.

Mehra wanted to invent his machine-

5D theatre- Dream movie maker- He wanted to invent a theatre where
people seeing the movie would be taken inside of the movie and would
experience the things which the telecasted movie has. The theatre room
contained the Electromagnetic waves, which could control some of the actions
of our brain, being synchronised to the frequency of some of the waves that
could particularly modulate and adjust some of the functions of our brain. So
that when people enter the room their subconscious brain only works while
the other brain sleeps. Hence our whole body parts get their rest and could
not work except the optic and oral system.

And when the movie plays the people would forget the surrounding
they were in and would take them into the movie’s environment. The
people’s experience inside the movie’s environment would be same as their
experiences in a dream. That was in a dream, people would get hungry,
sorrow, happiness, etc…and they might also feel of getting satisfied with all
these in the same dream. But none of the things were real and the important
thing was that people would never know that it was a dream until they woke
up. If a movie is in 3D, we know that we were watching a movie but in 5D we
would never be able to understand that it was just a movie in which we are in.

That is in his dream movie maker, when hero of the film walks in a desert,
people who were watching it would also feel as if they were walking in
the desert. And the most important of all these were people would forget
everything including that they were actually watching a movie.

They were in competition with each other. For they felt they really succeeded
only if they surpassed the other. When the completed their B.E. Computer
Science Jawahar topped the college while Mehra was the second high scorer.

These two maniacs then challenged each other that who would be the one
enjoying more success, fame and money. Jawahar told Mehra arrogantly that
whatever he does he could always be behind him.

Mehra smiled, “In slow running the one who stays back actually wins the
game. I will succeed you.”

Jawahar agonised, “Let’s see that after two years.”

“I will invent something you and the whole world has never thought of.”

“May be after being inspired by my own invention”

Jawahar had enough wealth, money and everything to attain his dream. But
Mehra had scarce of all these but he believed he could do it. He had his self
confidence in excess in attaining his dream.


DAY 1:

Mehra woke up and found him lying in a room he was unfamiliar with. He was
clad in a green dress and the room was also isolated. He tried to obtain help
from someone, but no one was there.

Then a man with a beard entered his room, he introduced himself as his
doctor. Mehra was too confused for he felt that he had never met him before.
Then the doctor switched on the T.V. , which was in front of him, and he too
watched it along with him. Mehra cried after watching this, the doctor asked
what the things were, which he could remember from his previous day’s

He told the doctor that his yesterday’s remembrance was some of the most
valuable memories in his life.

He told him that it was the one of the precious day of his life. He woke early in
the morning after that he spent most of his time in the invention of his dream

maker. At last in the evening he had attained his dream. He had invented his
dream maker and tested it successfully as well.

After explaining his whole story he cried.

The doctor told him not to worry as everything would be alright few days after.


While on the other side, Jawahar had been living his life extremely well. He
had invented the 5 D theatre and become one of the eminent scientists. He
had earned enough fame, success and money he seemed to have won the
challenge with Mehra.

DAY 2:
The next day Mehra rose up and once again confused of the place he was
being there, as before the doctor came there and once again did the same like
he was doing for many days. Then he asked Mehra about his remembrances of
the previous day. He thought about it and told him that, as he had successfully
invented his dream maker he went to obtain patent for his invention but
before he could obtain patent for his work Jawahar had already got the patent
for his invention he was shocked by it. He knew that one of his class mate
had stole his invention he was disappointed by it very much then he spent the
remaining of his day in a railway station with sorrows and angriness.

DAY 3:
The next day as soon as Mehra woke and tried to recollect his previous day
happenings his agony rose to a greater extent. He anguished his frustration.
The doctor soon rushed to his room Mehra cried and sobbed.

Doctor asked, “What has happened?”

“I was deceived. They stole my life time’s dedication.”

He told him that one of his classmates had stolen all of his plans then he
remodelled it and used it as his own invention. He had not only done that he
also passed electricity into my body.

As usual he was too much perplexed why he was being there so he asked the

doctor who was he and inquired about him. The doctor silently switched ON
the television.

The video contained these words which are explained to him to Mehra sitting
in front of him.

“One and half years before, your friend Jawahar admitted you. He said that
you are a scientist and while you are experimenting on your invention your
brains have affected by some waves and you have turned out to be an amnesia
patient. After that we closed monitored you although we could not exactly
find out what you are afflicted with, we came to know that you haven’t fully
forget about your past. Your cerebrum has been greatly affected. You have
lost track of the incidents that would be stored in your brain as the memories.
What your brain remembers as the memories for things that have happened
to you as yesterday were the things which might be happened to you a few or
many days before. i.e. for you yesterday means the day which has happened
to you a few or many days before. Today’s happenings are not recollected
by your brain as yesterday’s memories, instead what your brain recollects as
yesterday’s memories were actually memories of the things that are different
from your actual yesterday’s happenings. Today’s happenings will come to
your memory after few days.”

But the good of all the things was that your brain has not lost its sequence in
storing the happenings as memories though it lags in it for few days.

Let us consider what you remember today as your yesterday’s memories
is actually happenings of last week Monday then tomorrow you will
automatically remember the last week Tuesday’s happenings as the
yesterday’s memory in tomorrow.

Mehra after hearing this understood that these all are done by Jawahar only.
He tried to make him amnesiac by placing him inside his laboratory. But due to
some mistakes he has not become amnesiac but has lost many more than that.
He then remained patient about the things and slept in the night.

DAY 4:
Then next day as usual he woke up and remained silent. The doctor entered
the room. Mehra saw him and said,

“Thank you very much doctor for all the things you have done to me. I am
alright now.”

Mehra got the remembrance of his first day in this hospital, he become aware
of the disease he was ailing with. He remembered the doctor explaining about
him in the video. The doctor understood that and he counted the days from
he had been here. It was 88 days and the doctor explained him that he had
been suffering a memory delay of 88 days. i.e. Today’s happenings would
arise to his memory only after 88 days and what he holds as memories for the
previous day’s happenings where actually memories of the happenings that
had happened to him 88 days before.

Then after comprehending the disaster that had happened to him he was very
much depressed with it first. Then he stayed in the hospital for another week
then he went back to his own place…

After that he went to meet Jawahar there Jawahar was actually sleeping in
the lap of luxury he had attained much of fame, and success as he claimed to
invented the dream movie maker.

Mehra saw Jawahar and said him, “You succeeded by defeating me, I will
defeat you by my success. On the day you stole my dream you have already
failed. I will show this to the whole world. Our challenge day had not yet
arrived. We have another five and half months, let’s see who will win.”

After saying this immediately he turned back and started to walk…

Even during now he didn’t have anything, he has no money, fame or anything
but he believed he would do it…and know he would be doing it…

© Krishna Kumar

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